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Business to Business

List of Specific Industries

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Here are NAICS codes for this category:

[ 425110 ] = Business to business electronic markets — Business to business electronic markets, durable goods, wholesale trade

[ 541611 ] = Administrative management and general management consulting services — Business management consulting services

[ 541720 ] = Research and development in the social sciences and humanities — Business research and development services

[ 561110 ] = Officer administrative services — Business management services

[ 561439 ] = Other business service centers (including copy shops) — Business service centers (except private mail centers) providing range of office support services (except printing)

Category Description

Today, many businesses can be operated from homes, because the actual location of these businesses in not location specific.  Customers can be reached via telephone, Internet, and mail.  In the future, this category may apply to services and products intended to support or enhance the use of home networks when some aspect of a business is present in the home.