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Security — Personal Protection

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 423610 ] = Electrical Apparatus and Equipment, Wiring Supplies, and Related Equipment Merchant Wholesalers – Security systems merchant wholesalers

[ 238210 ] = Electrical Contractors and other wiring installation contractors – Security and fire system, installation only

[ 561621 ] = Security Systems Services (except locksmiths) – Security alarm systems sales combined with installation, repair, or monitoring services

Industry Description

Home networks may be capable of personal protection for family members.  Cell phone locations can be tracked by cellular networks.  Pets can have identification chips imbedded under the skin for owner identification.  Personal medical monitors transmit vital signs data to health centers. 

Home networks may be able to supplement these capabilities with small accessories like watches, cell phones, and personal identification chips.  There are always issues of personal privacy, needs for protection, and governmental intrusions into our lives.  Perhaps the important issue here is personal control over such monitoring.