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Self-Help Books

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 424920 ] = Book, periodical, and newspaper merchant wholesalers — Books merchant wholesalers

[ 424990 ] = Other miscellaneous nondurable goods merchant wholesalers — Matches and match books merchant wholesalers

[ 444110 ] = Home centers — Home improvement centers

[ 443120 ] = Computer and software stores — Computer equipment stores

Industry Description

Everywhere that people can buy things, there will possibly be a full shelf of self-help books.  In the future, people will always have lots of sources suggesting to them what to do, how to do it, and how to recover from doing it badly. There will always be books written by very knowledgeable people side-by-side with books written by those that don’t know what they’re writing about.

An important aspect of self-help material is to identify your starting point.  Is the book explaining topics at your level of experience?  Do you feel comfortable with everything the author assumes that you already know?

Another important feature of a good self-help book is explaining to the reader what the ending point will be.  Does this book describe the complete project you had in mind?  Will other books be needed to get you all the way to the “finish line”?

When THNC begins offering Educational Presentations (EPs) to the public, there will be other resources available for self-help information.  Our goal is to help people learn new skills and make better decisions about home network products and services.  Online resources for members, such as the General Reference Database, will offer other less-structured ways to learn the best techniques.   The best lesson that EPs or other well-written self-help books might teach is to “Let a professional do the job for you.”  You may find THNC’s Professionals Referral Service to be very helpful.