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Electrical Repairs

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 811211 ] = Consumer electronics repair and maintenance — Cameras repair shops without retailing new cameras

[ 811212 ] = Computer and office machine repair and maintenance — Computer equipment repair and maintenance services without retailing new computers

[ 811213 ] = Communication equipment repair and maintenance — Communications equipment repair and maintenance services

Industry Description

In the future, as in the present, technicians qualified to perform repairs in service entrance panels and everywhere else in the home will be needed.  Specialized training will be needed for electrical components that monitor or interact with electrical circuits.  For systems like solar cell energy production and wind powered generators, factory-trained technicians will always be needed. 

Collaboration between such technicians and power company employees will be ongoing since power interfaces must be approved and maintained to standards set by the utility company.  Since there is always a possibility that local power generation may feed power back into the power company’s system, the 60-cycle phase of the generated power systems must be continually monitored and shifted electronically to match power coming from the utility company’s network.