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Cable Selection

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 238210 ] = Electrical contractors and other wiring installation contractors — Electrical wiring contractors

[ 517110 ] = Wired telecommunications carriers — Direct-to-home satellite system (DTH) services

[ 541350 ] = Building inspection services — Home inspection services

Industry Description

Virtual functionality is dependent on the proper functioning of every physical component in the network.  For instance, if the virtual system tries to activate a physical device but the initiating signal along a cable is compromised in some way (stray electrical fields, stretched or crushed cable, or incorrect installation) the physical device may not be activated. 

This means that a different cable or better installation methods should have been used.  Since this kind of problem may occur anytime after a home network installation has been completed, it is important to anticipate such problems before they occur.  Shielded cabling would drain stray fields to ground; better installation techniques would prevent damage to cables.  In the future, systems planning and site analyses may help home owners to know all of the options available to them.  If wireless devices will not work reliably, special cables may be preferable or installed as part of a backup contingency strategy.