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Computer Network Devices

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 423690 ] = Other electronic parts and equipment merchant wholesalers – Computer boards, unloaded, merchant wholesalers; Computer chips merchant wholesalers; Printed circuit boards merchant wholesalers; circuits, integrated, merchant wholesalers; Electronic parts (e.g., condensers, connectors, switches) merchant wholesalers; Semiconductor devices merchant wholesalers; Transistors merchant wholesalers; Unloaded computer board merchant wholesalers

[ 238210 ] = Electrical contractors and other wiring installation contractors – Computer and network cable installation

[ 541512 ] = Computer systems design services – Local area network (LAN) computer systems integration design services

Industry Description

Computer networks are common today.  Perhaps the largest are Internet and Internet2 which link millions of devices, individuals and companies around this planet.  Large and small companies have all kinds of proprietary networks for their own use. 

In the future, micro versions of these networks may be present in homes everywhere.  Manufacturers of chips and boards that link together the components and services that these networks use will possibly be customizable for every individual network. 

Hardware attachments of components may use technologies like “Plug-n-Play” to automatically detect and provide configuration for immediate use of everything in the home network.  Intelligent computers may be able to interpret the preferred use and limitations for such network devices based on instructions and training received by family members.