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Home Security

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 453998 ] = All other miscellaneous store retailers (except tobacco stores) — Home security equipment stores

[ 541350 ] = Building inspection services — Home inspection services

[ 561621 ] = Security systems services (except locksmiths) — Security alarm systems sales combined with installation, repair, or monitoring services

Industry Description

Today, everyone has opinions about home security.  Some prefer a very large, noisy dog.  Others like high security locks on their doors.  Still others prefer the benefits of central station monitoring of their own home security system, possibly combined with lights on timers, smoke and fire protection, and really good door locks.

Most people have no experience or knowledge of home security.  They might seek out knowledgeable service providers and have their security installed.  Others enjoy creating their own security and, in many situations, do a better job than professionals.

One challenge is locating stores that carry products that meet your needs for security.   Even now, there are many peripheral products available to support many kinds of security panels.  Battery backups, sirens, central station dialer devices, wireless communications, enclosures,  timers, entrance keypads, barrel locks, … there are many products to consider including in your system.

Security product manufacturers have developed numerous techniques to protect homes, businesses, open spaces, fence rows, and more.  In the future, THNC will offer products in our online retail store that are compatible with home networks.  In the future, creative minds may design new ways to protect people and property using intelligent computers.  There may also be new criminal ways to neutralize such products.  And so it goes.