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Special Services

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 621399 ] = Offices of all other miscellaneous health practitioners —  Home nursing services, private practice

[ 621610 ] = Home health care services — Home nursing services (except private practices)

[ 624120 ] = Services for the elderly and persons with disabilities — Homemaker’s service for elderly or disabled persons, non-medical

Industry Description

In the future, special services organizations may be created.  This might lead to the availability of more specialized help for those that need special assistance.  Home networks will never be able to help you rise out of that chair or scratch that itchy spot on your back or help you read the fine print in that letter. 

There may be special things that a network could do almost as well as another person.  A network might help bring confidence when you are by yourself on long, lonely nights (“Anyone for Chess?”); it help answer your questions when stores are open, what sources of help are available, and what’s on Channel 4 tonight.  Your network may automatically communicate with your doctor’s automated system to interpret your vital signs for the past day.  The challenge will always be to bring the latest, affordable technology and special services to the assistance of those that need it.