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List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 518210 ] = Data processing, hosting, and related services — disk and diskette re-certification services

[ 541380 ] = Testing laboratories — Calibration and certification testing laboratories or services

[ 611699 ] = All other miscellaneous schools and instruction — CPR (cardiac pulmonary resusitation) training and certification

[ 923110 ] = Administration of education programs — Certification of schools and teachers

Industry Description

In the future, certification programs for home network components and systems may create higher levels of confidence among consumers.  There may be symbols on packaging that indicate to consumers that the product before them has met or exceeded standards created by the certifications and testing organization for the safety of the public. 

THNC may someday provide such certifications for advanced intelligent home network systems.  An example of one such testing company is the global organization called Underwriters Laboratories — http://www.ul.com/ .  THNC would offer certifications that were more advanced and included testing for functional elements of Computer Based Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence).