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Residential Construction Companies

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 236115 ] = New single-family housing construction  (except operative builders) — Residential construction, single-family, general contractors

[ 236116 ] = New multifamily housing construction (except operative builders) — Residential construction, multifamily, general contractors

[ 236118 ] = Residential remodelers — Addition, alteration and renovation (i.e., construction) residential building; Construction management, residential remodeling; Home improvement (e.g., adding on, remodeling, renovating); Remodeling and renovating general contractors

Industry Description

A residential construction company may have one employee, a person that knows all the construction skills and builds homes for sale.  The company may also have hundreds of employees… One definition of a general contractor is the person that takes responsibility for a construction project and enters into contractual agreements with companies specializing in each of the component attributes of the project. 

Another definition of a general contractor is a company that uses its own construction specialists to complete almost all of the work to be done.  So a residential construction company may be a subcontracted organization hired by the general contractor and responsible to the architect, home owner, and agencies issuing permits and performing onsite inspections.