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Sociology of Systems

List of Specific Industries

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North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes for this industry

[ 541720 ] = Research and development in the social sciences and humanities — Sociology research and development services

Industry Description

Basic sociology involves the study of people living together as social groups.  It is not a study of home networks and is much more general.

In the future, every advanced home network may be expected to be sensitive to the needs of people in the home.   Sociology of Systems will involve an ongoing study of people (family members) and ways that they interact with virtual and physical electronic systems (the home network).  All members of a family group will have feelings and emotions that affect their respective relationships with their home network. 

In the future, as home networks become increasingly sentient, there may be an expectation that these relationships between network and family will evolve.  This implies that Sociology of Systems may provide insight to make better home networks and prepare intelligent computers to work more effectively in the home and with the family.  Time will tell.