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Free Trial

If you have not completed a Free Trial registration, please click Free Trial and Member Registration.


Free Trials

Your Free Trial requires no payment. A registration form must be completed. Since memberships are not yet available, when your Free Trial expires, we’ll be glad to renew it for you. In the future, when your Free Trial period ends, you’ll need to become a member to continue using thnc.org.

Memberships at THNC

THNC plans to offer seven types of regular memberships. You can learn more about General Memberships and Participating Memberships. More detail about memberships is also shown on the Comparisons graphics Levels of Access and Services and Activities.

In the future, we will create and offer instructional productions that will include four to six hours of help on a particular topic. These Educational Presentations (EPs) may be purchased by anyone. If the purchasers or recipients (they’ll make great gifts!) are not regular members, they will receive a six-week temporary membership to thnc.org.

EP students will be referred to as Matts and Matildas. They will enjoy nearly the same level of access to thnc.org as regular members while they complete their EP. Actually, the instructional period will be 43 days long and will not begin until EP students have completed their online registration process. This feature will make EPs ideal gifts since they can be purchased ahead of time. In the future, when THNC’s Retail Store opens, Matts and Matildas will qualify for 10% discounts on purchases.

Each EP will require a payment and completion of a short form (name, title, street address, city, state, and postal code) at the Point of Sale. After Matts and Matildas have activated their registration (instructional) period, they will use their Email address and Password eact time they log-in to thnc.org.

More Service from THNC – Free Access

In the future, we intend to offer THNC services at local public libraries, vocational training, veteran services, and other adult learning centers. This free access to thnc.org will, if possible, be available all across America and will provide the public with a similar level of access as provided to Matts and Matildas. There will, however, be no provision for discounts on purchases.

( 12-14-2013 )