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Professionals Referral Service

PRS will be a national listing of qualified and THNC-approved professionals.  When you need help with a project, here are the people and companies you can trust. Within their respective fields of home networking experience, each has been vetted by THNC to help provide you with confidence to successfully complete the projects at hand.  Your responsibility is make arrangements to bring the skills to your project.  It is THNC’s responsibility to locate dependable professionals for your use.

Perhaps you need to design, fabricate, install, test, and bring to functional status specific aspects of or an entire system of home network equipment.  The PRS will have located thousands of such professionals all over America and to offer them to you for your choosing — wherever you live.

Visit our Professionals Referral Service to learn which companies and individuals in your area are qualified to install and maintain network-compatible appliances.  Perhaps you just need professionals to consult to make better decisions. Our PRS lists only THNC-Approved professionals and provides information about each one to help you in the selection process.


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