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General Reference Database

GRD will be an ever-growing source of up-to-date information about everything in home networking.  The keyword locator and industry category buttons will help you find it fast.   A search option allows you to specify your level of understanding for each search (beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc.).  This means that everything in this database has been verified by THNC employees for truth and has been written in multiple ways to help you feel comfortable and maximize your understanding.  You can find definitions, protocols, and other occurrences of terms.  You can retrieve information generic to a particular industry or broaden your searches for all industries.  Advanced search capabilities including cross-referencing will be helpful.  THNC will maintain a separate track of information for each of over 100 industries involved with home networking.

Please visit our General Reference Database to learn more about terminology, protocols, and many other related ideas.  Our GRD will have been created using multiple levels of writing.  Whether you are a beginner or highly proficient about home network topics, there is level designed to maximize your understanding.


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