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What’s new at THNC?

Technology of Survival is a tool for helping us cope with new and possibly less well-documented topics. As always, you might not need this kind of help. Learn more in the GRD (General Reference Database). Sign up (free account – just need to Register — top right corner of all pages). Then, click on Login, and Login at THNC Access Account, and enter your email and password. When Solutions appears (top right corner), mouse over General Reference Database, and click. For your first search, try entering TOS in the search field and click the orange Search button.

We’re not happy with our progress on thnc.org, because we had hoped to invest all available time into finding funding and populating this website with a wide range of information — material intended to help families, consumers, literally everyone with challenges in their homes.

In fact, that anticipated free time never developed. Instead, we took more and more hours thinking about and preparing for all kinds of “Armageddon” — social, economical, governmental failures that might destroy our abilities to live happy, prosperous lives.

Then, one day, a thought occurred… Maybe other people might benefit from our work. Of course, this is not the only source of information. And you might prefer other websites over this one. The simple challenge for us at THNC is to present our work and research in an honest, unbiased manner. If we can help you prepare for (whatever may be coming), then our website has been worth-while.

We have been scared away from working this website by a federal government hell-bent on destroying this country. Now that Technology of Survival has given us a new focus — and a way to help you cope with the challenges being created — we will be developing new content for thnc.org

As we can add them to this website, we’ll be making lots of new entries in the GRD. These will include new articles about Project Numbers, Project Table of Contents, and an extensive Project Index.

“Technology of Survival” was filed on October 14, 2015 with the Ohio Secretary of State as a trade name for THNC.


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